Foshan Resink Shielding Material Co., Ltd. was prepared to build in 2005 and officially founded in 2007, and now becomes an electronic material enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of electronic pastes and shielding materials. 

In the principle of “Leading Technology, Quality First”, the conductive silver paste and protective adhesive win a high reputation in the industry and occupies great market share by virtue of the internationally advanced technology and solid technical strength. Now, we have cooperated with over 400 TP manufacturers, thereby breaking through the monopoly of foreign brands, establishing the national brand and changing the dilemma of homemade conductive silver paste.   
Product Series
◆ Conductive silver paste: With eco-friendly property, high cost performance, low resistance, strong adhesive force and stable performance, typically applied to touch panel (TP), membrane switch, keyboard, radio frequency identification (RFID), flexible printed circuits (FPC), and LCD as conductive trace. 
◆ Conductive adhesive: A kind of one-component epoxy resin adhesive with high conductivity, thermal conductivity and adhesive strength, mainly applied to LED and encapsulation of semiconductor chips, suitable for manual dispensing, high speed dispensing by a full automatic machine, die bond dispensing, silk screen and back dispensing.  
◆ Protective adhesive: Featured by fast solidification, easy release, and high toughness, it is mainly used for process protection of TP industry from acid etching.
◆ Dielectric oil: Mainly used for insulation of touch panel depending on excellent printability, adhesive power and fast solidification, showing great adhesive power to different substrates such as ITO layer, glass, PET.
◆ Conductive carbon paste: Famous for low resistance, strong adhesion and stable performance, mainly used for membrane switches and silk screen conductive wires of toys, photovoltaic cells, far infrared heating film, mobile shield, etc. 
◆ Conductive coating: With excellent conductivity, good adhesive power and low unit consumption, widely applied to plastic base materials like ABS, PS, HIPS, PC, and other substrates including hardware, ceramic, glass, and others, known as the best material applied to electromagnetic wave shielding in mobiles, computers, GPS and medical apparatuses. 
Certifications, Patents
Resink has been certified to ISO9001:2008, and the products are all approved by ROHS, REACH, halogen, and EN71-3 tests. So far, Resink has obtained three invention patents and one utility model patent.  

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